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Hi and Hello Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for visiting this page our Partners Page. We need Partners to help Golfing Buddy expand and Grow. We are constantly reaching out to Corporate Organizations to help us get the word out.


If you have landed here, we need your help – We are looking for companies that align with our mission.  We are looking for companies who also want to help either Women, Minorities, Veterans, or Youth have access to the game of golf. Please connect with us and find out how we can work together to get more people to play more golf.


We are looking for Financial Partners, Gifting Partners, Donation Partners, Media Partners and any other resources that align with our mission help us get more people to play golf.


Golfing Buddy is Veteran-Owned, Minority-Owned, and Woman-Owned. Kat Ramirez knows personally how difficult it is to learn the game of golf and to continue to play the game of golf without any feeling of intimidation on the golf course.


Help us get more people out on the golf course or driving range or access to golf lessons to learn to play golf without any fear of intimidation.


We need Corporate Sponsors who can help us finically in exchange for co-branding opportunities on our website, Social Media and any of our advertising messages. We are looking for the following categories:








And So Many Other Categories


Help us remove the intimidation of playing golf at a golf course by making Golfing Buddy accessible to anyone who wants to play more golf with like-minded people.


Please contact us at admin@golfing-buddy.com to find out how you can help us expand and grow as a Corporate Sponsor Partner.



Why Can’t I Pick The Players I Want to Play With? Why?



Golfing Buddy was created for a couple of reasons:


Golfing Buddy was created to help Women, Minorities, Veterans and Juniors play more golf without feeling intimidated at the golf course by being paired with people that they particularly don’t want to play with.


Golfing Buddy was created to help people like my boyfriend find other golfers to play golf with so they can play more golf.


Golfing Buddy was created to help golf courses get more people paired so more people play golf at their golf course with people they want to play golf with.


Golfing Buddy wants to help people fall in love with the game of golf so they can play more golf!


Help us get the word out so we can all play more golf.


Golfing Buddy – Join. Match. Connect. & Play More Golf!

~Kat Ramirez, Founder



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